Hello, Happy to write this article, today I will tell you 10 facts about me.
My name is Dina Ahmed Yahya
I am an Egyptian and live in America, half American and half Egyptian.
- I joined the secondary two years ago, I love it so much.
- I have a boyfriend named Khaled Mousi.
- I have 15 years.
- My room is black and the floor is red and the decoration is white and rainbow.
- I have many friends, but most of them are fake.
- School is half my life ..
- I was in a relationship for years with someone named John Peter, we loved each other a lot, but fate wrote us to part, I feel sad about it.
- I love my mother a lot, more than my father.
- I love my sisters very much too.
I have iPhone 7.
- I have many clothes and donate them every year to the poor, I wish I would give them everything because they deserve happiness.
_ Thank you for reading , sorry for my English, because as I said, I am Egyptian, do not forget to follow me.