Hi guys ☺

Hope you're all doing great!
Today I decided to take up a 30 day challenge by WHI. This is day 1, which is about listing 20 random facts about yourself. Hope you enjoy it.

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1) I am absolutely obsessed with (natural) red hair ♥ I don't know why but I really love it. In fact I dyed my hair ginger 5 years ago, but now got back to my natural colour, which is ash blonde.

2) My favourite shoe brand is converse. I have too many pairs... But the fact is that I'd wear them with everything: skirts, shorts, jeans and even dresses.

3) A series I absolutely love and that I am currently watching is "The Crown". Man, before starting to watch it I knew I would have liked it but not at this point ☻ I find it very realistic, especially because they picture the royal family in a human key, whereas you usually think of it as something absolutely perfect and strict.

4) I am graduating in two days (15th September) in Foreign Languages and literatures. I've always been in love with languages and my favourite ones are German and English. I feel like I have a special bond with them, because I've been studying them for many years.

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5) My favourite singer is Harry Styles ♥ he's so good! I've also really enjoyed his performance in the film "Dunkirk". Next April I'll go to his concert in Bologna and I'm so excited because it is also my first concert!

6) I love flowers and I'd like to cover the whole house in them 💐🌷

7) I can't go a day without listening to music 🎼🎧

8) My arms are always full of bracelets and bangles

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9) I come from Italy, from a town called Cesenatico and I study in Bologna.

10) I can speak a bit of Dutch. I'm so in love with this language too ♥ I got the chance to follow a course (just a course unfortunately) at uni, so I can say some basic things.

11) I think aliens do actually exist

12) My favourite cartoon is "Adventure time"

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13) I am afraid of needles. Once I almost fainted while I was having blood analysis taken.

14) I'm so ashamed of point 13...

15) This afternoon I'm going to the eye doctor to have my sight tested and I wear glasses.

16) I love eating in the balcony

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17) Whenever I go to the park and see a seesaw I can't help swinging

18) I love fairs, especially Autumn and Winter ones

19) I've try DIY many times but it always ends up in an absolute mess...

20) I hate dusting so badly... Of all the house works it is the one I really can't stand. In fact, when my family and I clean the house I'd volunteer to do anything (even clean the toilet) but please don't make me dust!

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♦ Hope you guys enjoyed knowing a little more about me ♦

Wish you a wonderful day xx