Are you in a bad mood?
Then do this things:

°Smile. It’s cheesy, but apparently it’s true: The act of smiling really can turn a frown upside down.

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°Sniff certain scents. Inhaling the scent of orange (or essential orange oil) or lavender can reduce anxiety and improve mood.I know crazy but it works. Or light up your favorite candle.

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°Eat some chocolate. Eating chocolate can make us feel happy or eat Ice cream. Just eat something that makes you happy. What helps me the most is eating spicy things.(You have to try it)

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°Listen to music.

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° Watching movies helps too. I recommend this: 10 thinks I hate about you, Harry Potter, Eat pray love, 21 Jump street(soooo funny), clueless, 27 dresses.

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° Hang out with a good friend. Talk about stupid thing and more. Go out eat something like that (I know again eating but food is bae).

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So this is it😊 I hope you liked it and hope it helped you guys.
This were my favorite things to do when I was in a bad mood.
Down below is a link to my collections, if you are interested.💙
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