Well hello, I know many of you don't know me besides the picture of my shadow that I used for my profile but I decide to write and contribute to WHI new feature, articles. I was having writer block for a while not knowing what to publish first until I read the 30 Day Challenge article by, @TypicalGirl48. What greater way to introduce myself, I thought to myself. So here I am about to list 20 random facts about myself, enjoy!

1. I wish I grew 2 more inches (considering the fact that I'm 5'1).
2. My favorite seasons are Autumn and Winter.
3. I'm a mix of Mexican, Filipino, and Norwegian.
4. My favorite color currently at the moment is rose-gold and light purple.
5. I am fascinated with photography.
6. Love to read all kinds of books besides sci-fi.
7. Loves horror and romance films.
8. God, Music, Family, Friends, WHI, and Photography are my life.
9. Favorite food category is Italian
10. Have the desire to travel the world some day
11. Coffee lover
12. Listen to all kinds of music ( I will listen to any song that someone suggests to me)
13. Is open-minded on trying new things
14. Obsessed with plants (succulents, hanging plants, wild flowers, etc.)
15. Favorite flower is sunflowers (absolutely beautiful)
16. Have 2 dogs but is currently trying to persuade my parents to get a Husky
17. Siberian Huskys are my weakness
18. Can play 3 instruments
19. Love the little things in life (rain drops, people smiling, food)
20. Can never stay home more than 2 days