3.Describe your relationship with your parents.

To try and explain something so complicated without revealing too much on social media is very tricky.

We've never seen eye to eye, and I like some traits and hate most traits for each, but I do not get along with both. They didn't pressure me to be perfect, but to be decent and most times it was overwhelming. Both have sacrificed alot when they were younger, but it's always hard to see that when you've been given the best you could possibly get from both.

For some reason, people think I resent my mum for staying in Thailand but I really never had a problem or ever really been affected by it. I just never saw her treat me badly as a kid.

My main focus from what both have shown me is that my main goal is harmony and to not hold grudges so bad that you just begin to rot from the inside/out. Some things have to be forgotten or moved on from so it doesn't destroy you.