So I love Netflix just as much as the next person, so here is a list of shows you need to watch on Netflix.

1. The Office

Basically goes without saying considering the cover picture is of The Office, but this show is so funny. In every episode something new always happens and some of the stuff the writers come up with can't be beaten.

2. One Tree Hill

This show is sooooo dramatic, and normally I'm not one to watch dramatic shows cause I just can't stand them, but this show is different with suspenseful parts. It also helps that Chad Michael Murray is one hot dude.

3. Parks And Recreation

Parks and Rec is kind of a spin off of The Office, but it definitely has a lot more funny parts, whereas The Office has more of a dry humor feel to it. I also love the brilliantness of the character Ron Swanson. Easily the funniest guy on the show,

4. Bones

This is a murder mystery show, and it can be very gory to watch at times. However, the story between the characters is so cute, and all the characters are absolutely AH-MAZ-ING!! There's also a couple of times where there are some mysteries with a serial killer in the show, and those are always super puzzling.

5. Once Upon A Time

I used to be OBSESSED with this show, especially watching seasons 1-4. The newer seasons are still good, but it just sometimes seems like the directors are running out of ideas for the show, so it can get a little long at times. But seasons 1-4 are still the And don't even get me started on the evil queen's dresses. So pretty!!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks to google for the sick cover picture, and if you want me to write any articles, just send me a postcard and I will try my best! :)