no one´s gonna read this, which is cool. today we had a test. my backpack was lying on the floor and you said you liked it. today I was sick, and my voice was hoarse, so im not sure if you heard me when I replied "hi" on the hallway. you laughed because I wrote too much on my test. you laughed and I remembered how much I like your smile. so cheesy. today I said something about Chomsky while debating in class. you heard, and just nodded. I like it better when you smile, after I speak, and say you agree, and then use what I said to prove another point, to support your opinions. I like it when I see you walking around, and you go so fast, and your hair moves, you always look like you´re in a hurry. I´ve never thought of a teacher this way, I thought these things were for rather crazy girls, with braces and a couple freckles, carrying a teenage best seller around, wearing a pink sweater and collecting pieces of hair. I have to forget about the stereotypes I know. now im the pink-sweatered-girl with chocolate freckles on my face. I just wish we´d met in a different time, when I was older, not a student and prettier, or when you were younger and just learning about the cool things that come out of your mouth, in English or Spanish. no, I won't do anything about this; there´s nothing to do. I´ll sit in your class, I´ll say the most interesting things I can come up with, and sometimes I´ll write about you when I´m not sleepy. then I´ll forget you. then I´ll laugh, then I´ll make fun of my freshman year self and I´ll say hi on the hallways whenever I see you, with a healed voice and a cold heart. and that´s that. but I still wish we had another option. one were we could actually be something.