I really actually admire people that can tell me what they love about themselves because a lot of people can not and its so sad. Loving yourself is so important because how you view yourself really impacts how you live your day to day life. So to everyone who can name even a few things they love about themselves, I admire you. And to the ones who can not, you are worth loving!
7 things that I love about myself:
/I love that goofy and slightly crazy personality that unleashes itself as I get to know somebody/
/ I love that I don't let people impact me or stand in my way/
/I love that despite the situations that surface, I am happy with who I am and intend to keep it that way/
/I love my thick, curly, dirty blonde hair/
/I love how independent I am/
/I love that I wear glasses/
/I love my smile/

So I know, easier said than done, but love yourself or make an effort to because we all deserve self love.