As the world today, most of what we see is hate.
But why? Spreading love is much more meaningful.
Instead of being homophobic and sexist, can't we be accepting of sexualities and sexes?
Instead of discriminating due to today's problem, can't we accept each other for our races and move past that?
When we see people as their race, sexuality, sex, etc. all we do is see the surface. People become hurt and they don't share who they are. It's not a one race, one sex, one sexuality problem. It's an acceptance problem. In order to create greater peace, we need love and difference. We need to celebrate differences. When we move past what see in the surface, there is so much more to know about a person. That person could end up your best friend, mentor, or even soul mate. We miss too many chances by just judging what we see first off.

-A bisexual teen who just wants the world to feel love