(picture isn't me)

i don't know if anyone really wants to read this, but i wanted to write it, and i'm doing this thing where i become a "doer" so here it is, and:

i am painfully typical. (wow we're off to a great start)

i'm not one of those girls who are cute and quirky and artsy, but i'm not one of those girls with beautiful hair and makeup and a small fortune of money.

i like to pretend i'm both though, on the internet, within the safety of my twitter and VSCO (@ cigarot). and life is so much prettier when you look at it through a camera lens.

but i'm typical. i'm average looking, i have an average amount of friends, and i make average grades in school. i don't draw attention, and i don't turn heads, and i'm not noticed.

which all things considered, isn't really that bad so i should probably stop complaining.

my name is jess, i turn seventeen on october 30 (fun fact: i was born an hour before midnight on halloween), and i graduate high school in june. i plan to go to the university of toronto - if i get in that is.

i'm of chinese-descent, with both my parents being from mainland china, though i was born and raised here in canada. that makes me a white-stereotype, despite looking asian. that comes with a natural affinity for starbucks, adidas, and bad music taste, as well as an unexpected lack of talent in math.

also to note: i'm bisexual, a scorpio, an entp, and apparently a slytherin (although i've never really gotten into harry potter).

my fashion sense and music taste are both are both all over the place. both range from basic, to alternative, to indie, to something vaguely on the lines of being "fuckboy-y." this basically all means: i am an absolute mess

i also used to be super into art, but quit when i didn't get into an arts high school (because i'm not really into the whole "effort" thing), and i was really into music for a while too but again, the "effort" thing.

i honestly don't put a lot of effort into anything, so I should probably stop complaining about the whole "typical" thing, because that's probably all my fault, admittedly. But alas, I am a complainer, and this introduction isn't really rounding me out to be a nice person.

moving on, my favorite musicians are kesha, LANY, taylor swift, britney spears, and PVRIS in that order. it's a weird list but that's what it is. i'm seeing LANY on tour in october, and i plan to see all the other artists perform. i've seen both halsey and twenty one pilots live in 2016 and if i'm completely honest halsey was great but i was never a top fan.

my favorite television shows are brooklyn nine-nine and the office. i'm currently watching grey's anatomy. my favorite movies are ferris bueller's day off and the titanic. also, netflix is expensive, but an absolute godsend.

i'm not sure what else to write so here's a few random tidbits: my favorite color is red, my favorite season is autumn, my favorite poet is charles bukowski, my favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry or mint chocolate, and i absolutely adore golden retriever puppies.

also i love myself and am probably a vapid narcissist (and i pretend to hate myself to be #relatable)