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She was a ballad composed of many erratic minor chords during the day. Floating slowly through mindless monotony, occupied by dissonant thoughts. Tip toeing around herself. By day, she was monochromatic. She was like thick grey fog and chilled to the bone.
Shadow Girl: silent and frail.

But by night she became a strong, pounding rhythm. Loud and fierce. At night, she was the feeling of the bass booming in her chest, frantically, forcibly, and with great fury. So sharp and exquisite that she could feel her heart leap and accelerate like a rocket. Her feet now strong on the dancefloor, she felt tethered to something real. To the crowd, to the music, to the lights. Oh, the lights! Strobing crimson, yellow, magenta, teal, one after the other in secession. Colours seeping into her grey little world, the woman of day vanishing. At night, she was a kaleidoscope. At night she was rum and diet coke. She was the fire in her throat and belly, that slowly began to burn its way through her entire being, all the way to the tips of her fingers.
Fire Girl: bright and animated.

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She was so vivacious and alluring at night, but she could never figure out how to prevent the dawning of day. She could not stop the rising sun from casting a shadow on her once more. So she stumbles home, seeing again in tones of muted grey, takes off her heels, and aimlessly waits for the sun to set. So that, for a few more precious hours, she can become Fire Girl.