This article is going to be about my so-called best friend of about four years, as you can see from the title. We met in fifth grade, and we've been tight ever since. Until now, I guess. I take Math 1 online with her and someone else, and sometimes we have assessments where some questions aren't graded instantly. I took one of those assessments, and when I had gotten 40 out of 100, I got frustrated. ( I didn't know it was one of those at the time.) So she said something like, " Oh yeah, when she doesn't get an A or so on a test, she always freaks out and starts crying." She was basically calling me a crybaby to my face. I cried about that, and to this day, I still don't know if she meant it or it was because of stress. Then today, we got onto the topic of self-harming and I said that was a big reason why I always had a rubber band on me. Then she said, " Stop talking like that, you sound like a psychopath." Excuse me?! Do you WANT me to start cutting myself just so you won't have to hear me popping a rubber band?!