This is my 1st time writing an article. I'm sorry if there any mistake regarding my grammar. Its not my mother tongue language but I try. Haha.

Today I would like to share with you my experience as a Customer Care Consultant or as known as customer service. I work as an Inbound caller. I received calls from customer regarding their inquiries, complaints and all related issue to the company that I work. Its my 1st experience in contact center.

After a while working here I know and I realize handling people is not my fields. I can handle people but when people refuse to listen to your explanation it is very frustrating. I know people more tend to hear what they want to hear even though they know that it is wrong.

"Customer always right" who ever that invented this kind of motto I hope you burn in hell because you know what because of this customer thinks that they are so superior and can do or ask anything beyond our limit.

I'm the front liners. I'm the 1st tier customer call to get help with their problems. I try my best to help them because I know everybody want a fast result but when its come to the solution that I cant help customer are refuse to listen. I have limited access and I try my best to help you but in certain issue I need to refer to the relevant departments.

But there is not always a bad apples. Some customer is very understanding and gives a good feedback. I just pray everyday that I got a good customer so that I wouldn't be in bad mood.

Right now I'm looking for another job because I think I cant stay any longer at this department. Yep, you might think I,m to fragile or what so ever but I love do thing that I love and enjoy.