Dear Big Brother,

Through thick and thin you have always been there for me. Even through all the stupid things I said or did, but no matter how much they hurt, you were always there. Listening to me squeal like a child when you picked me up, teasing me endlessly, and even when I shed too many tears to count. No matter what I have ever done, how many terrible things I’ve said, the stupid and reckless things I’ve done, you were there always.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done this past year for me. While yes, originally I thought it completely odd that you eavesdropped on my conversations during math, I’m glad you did. Without you stumbling into my strange, little life, who knows how I would’ve survived freshman year, how much different my life would be right now. I would have no one to call me “little sister” and actually fill the big brother role perfectly even though we aren’t related. No one has or could ever look out for me as great as you do.

There would be no one to tell me to write about fruit loops at 12:47 am. There would be no one to keep me awake at night with just their silliness alone. There would be no one to show up during my tournament game in a purple shirt to watch me cry but also to give me the strength to keep going. There would be no one to watch me fall apart as the long nights drag on and to always be there to put me back together. There would be no one to show me how amazing trust is when I have given up all hope in the idea of it.

And even though you will probably never see this, I say thank you. For everything. Every moment, every memory, every second ever spent with you.