Trapped, this is how I´ve been feeling lately. Trapped inside a room, inside a car, inside a city, inside a life. What am I doing here? I keep repenting to myself night, day and night again. I just can't stop thinking about it. What might have been. What must have been. And I wonder if they do too, every time she lights up her cigarettes, when he looks at the doodles in the walls or whenever she rides her bike. I wonder if they care as much as I do. And I decide that they do. Otherwise all of these would have been in vain and non of it would even matter.
All of the hours I spent trying to win his affection, the nights I stayed awake for her to calmed down and every second that I kept thinking about how wonderful our friendship was. I would never change that for anything. And believe me when I say that I would give it all to have it back.