For those of you who don't know, I have created a 30-day challenge for myself. I will be posting an answer every day for the month of September to let my fantastic followers, and anyone else who is interested, know a little bit more about me! #WhiChallenge

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  • 12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

I am excited for this one! I've decided to break down today, September 12, with bullet points to depict my day and events.

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My day started with waking up to get ready for school at 6: 35am. As soon as I am awake, I tend to reach for my phone and check my notifications for We Heart It (follower account 3,366!). When I finally stand up, I hurry to steal the bathroom before my siblings take over. I then like to play music while I put in my contacts (I prefer contact over my glasses), take out my Invisalign, and eat my breakfast. Today, breakfast consisted of strawberries and cream overnight oats that I made the night before.

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So Yummy!

It's about 7:07am now and it's time for makeup. For school, I prefer a natural makeup look with an emphasis on my brows and eyelashes. (Let me know if you want a more in-depth article on my school makeup routine!) This is also about when I brush my teeth and put in my Invisalign again for the morning.

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Next, I figure out what to wear: jeans, gray lace up hoodie, bralette, and my black and white Nike shoes. I always check the temperature outside to be sure and dress appropriately for the weather. Today, when I woke up, it was 63 degrees with a high of 78. However, it is always cold at my school so I like to dress a little warmer. Once I've chosen my outfit, I decide what to do with my hair. Today I was feeling straight hair instead of curly.

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"Back To School Outfit Inspiration" article link:

This is the last stretch before I leave for school. I typically pack my lunch (I am currently loving snack food for school lunch. Crackers, cheese, and meat is perfect for me), get my backpack together, and re-check that I have everything I need before leaving for school at 8:10am.

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My school schedule is pretty boring so I figured I would simply state it in bullet points. **I should probably disclose that I am in my senior year of high school and go to a university model school. That means that I pick and choose the classes that I want to take there and can outsource for classes that I don't wish to take at that particular school.

-School Schedule:-


  • 1st class: American Government

9:30 am

  • 2nd class: British Literature


  • Free period


  • 3rd class: Comparative Religions & Worldviews


  • Lunch

After that, I leave.

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Once I'm home, it's about 1:25pm. The next thing I have to do today is my online consumer math class from 3:00 to 4:00pm. Before that, I will usually either watch youtube, post on Whi Heart It, or finish math homework that is due that day. After math, on Tuesdays, I am free until 5:15pm which is when I leave for Lyra. I like to catch up on shows on Netflix, write my daily article for my #WhiChallenge, or possibly take a nap.


I'm at Lyra right now just before class is starting. I am excited to begin a new unit! This one has a lot of back balances in it.

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Just got home and I am starving! I always work up an appetite during aerial. Luckily, it's taco Tuesday! In other words, we're having taco meat tonight. Yum!

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*Notice: From this point on in the article, I will tell what we usually do instead of saying exactly what I did today because I don't want this article to go up too late.


After my younger sister goes to bed, my older siblings, parents, and I usually head downstairs to catch up on our favorite shows that we enjoy watching together. We record, Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, and America's Got Talent, to name a few.


Around midnight, I come upstairs to my room to unwind from the day. Mostly I just spend a ton of time either on my laptop or phone until I fall asleep. Goodnight!

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Hope you enjoyed reading about a day in my life! I hope it wasn't too long or too boring.

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