i know that it will be.
and we shall celebrate
we shall taste the wine
and the fruit.
celebrate the sunset and the sunrise
the cold and the warmth
the sounds and the silences
the voices of the children.
celebrate the dreams and hopes
which have filled the souls of
all decent men and women.
we shall lift our glasses and toast
with tears of joy.

— leonard nimoy, a lifetime of love: poems on the passages of life.

i. runaways by the killers;
ii. lighting by the wanted;
iii. miss atomic bomb by the killers;
iv. shot at the night by the killers;
v. read my mind by the killers;
vi. just another girl by the killers;
vii. perfect by one direction;
viii. missin' you by the summer set;
ix. waste the night by five seconds of summer;
x. wonder years by the summer set.

https://open.spotify.com/user/emmafrcst/playlist/0tKws2iHP6OjNZmbhRFGXC | songs to have night adventures to.