Do you sometimes just get so fed up with people and life in general?

Well yeah, me too. I just need to find my own space where I can feel understand and comportable.

That's when I come to We heart it. To be sincere I dislike the abbreviation WHI - it sounds like a trashy cheesy clothes company from the 60's.

Anyway, as I was saying, this is my fav social platform because of so many reasons. Lemme make a list:

✨ It is a food for the lonely soul

We all have times when we want to express our feelings and desires but we just have nothing and nobody to share with (at the moment). On We heart it we can find not only beautiful images but also quotes which we can relate to and therefore feel better and less alone. Or at least as they say:

"You are not alone at being alone"
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✨ It is so inspiring!

On the other hand, inspiration. I just adore this! Personally I am a person who with a certain amount of push - motivation - is willing to do whatever the fck I was too scared to do! It is so inspiring watching these wanderlust themes, mysterious beauties, healthy lifestyles, magical colours, powerful quotes and many more!

light, girl, and bike image Image removed Temporarily removed sea, bottle, and ocean image

Guys that was funny. I was trying to find the best four images and I changed the one with the sunset about 10 times and it took me about 20 minutes. After all I stuck on the first picture I used... Well I hope you appreciate my effords.

I love this article but I am tired. It is 1:35 am and I have only 5 days til the school starts (that's the way it is in Bulgaria hehe :)) I hoped u liked it because there will be more.

I like my articles short.

You'll hear from me soon hearters <3

boy, bye, and children image

P.S. So I was looking for my bye gif but I found this girl with the bike and I said so inspiring... so I changed the first picture and now I gotta search to change the right one. Again. Pffff.
It was pretty easy actually. But now I want to change the last one.
It fitted in in the first try. I almost ike it this way. Still thinking that the right top one is not the best option but whatever.

"Keep it simple"

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