1. Favorite Song:

It is very hard for me to have a favorite song. It is just a question I simply can answer, it is like describing what water tastes like.
But like for the moment I enjoy

From the Dinning Room by Harry Styles

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2 Song I hate:

I can't stand Cheerleader by Omi. After all this time I still can't.

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3 Song that gets me sad :(

I could have a playlist right here and now but it would be too long. But probably a song that gets me sad everytime is

It's Quiet Uptown by Hamilton.

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4 Song that remindes me of someone:

This is tricky cause there are a lot of different songs with different meanings that remind me of different people. So I'll have to choose a song that it really doesn't matter where I hear it, it reminds me of someone and that is:

Somebody Else by The 1975

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5 Song that gets me happy :)

It is weird but actually whenever I am feeling like a downer I listen to Christmas music, doesn't matter the month or date. So I'll have to choose:

All I want for Christmas is you by Justin Bieber ft, Mariah Carey

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7 Song that reminds me of an specific time

Let me love you by Justin Bieber

It reminds me of New York so much time because I was hearing it on repeat the week I was there.

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8 Song I know perfectly

Cabinet Battler #1 and #2

I have the good talent that I hear a song two times and I know it compleltly but I'm proud of this one.

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9 Song that makes you dance at the moment

Without a doubt

Mama by Jonas Blue

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10 Song that helps me sleep

Anything that gets me sad soothes me to sleep, never to get me to fall asleep but gets me sleepy.

Probably something like Say Something by Great World

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11 Song that I secretly love

I am not embarrased but I hate hearing it on public lol.

Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley

Don't judge me It's a great song.

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12 Song that I loved and now I hate

Obvious choice, Despacito by Luis Fonsi

Not the Justin Bieber song but the original. I can't hear it anymore.

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13 Song I can play in an instrument

I see fire by Ed Sheeran in Guitar but like only the chorous.

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14 Song that I like to sing in public

I've never sang in front of like a big crowd cause I don't have the voice too. But I do sing a lot like in public when I'm in class and that and I'll always sing something by

High School Musical, any song.

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15 Song from my favorite album

Divided By Ed Sheeran

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16 Song I like to hear in the car

Fun By Troye Sivan

Sounds like a road trip to me.

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17 Song nobody would expect me to like

Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

I am like all pink and soft and this is like a heavy metal song made by the most Emo band ever but I love it.

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18 Song that I want at my wedding

L O V E by Nat King Cole

I want a lot of songs but this one cannot be missed. Ever since I saw Parent Trap this song its number 1 in that playlist.

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19 Song that I want to be played in my funeral

I lived by OneRepublic

This song haves everything I want people to remember of me.

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20 Song I'm hearing right now

Fast Car by Jonas Blue (acustic)

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