Hi hearters!
Today I'm gonna write about one of my favourite bands: Linkin Park
This is a list of them I think are Linkin Park Best Songs. I will adjourn this article.
Let's start!

1 Somewhere I belong
This is my absolutely favourite song of Linkin Park.

gif, linkin park, and chester bennington image

2 Castle Of Glass
The music video of this one, is very touching for me. The most of times I cry...

linkin park, music, and song image

3 In the end this is the more known song of this band, and one of which made famous this music group

gif, chester bennington, and linkin park - in the end image banda, inspired, and music image

4 One more light this is one of the last song of the American group and one of the deepest lyrics

chester bennington image chester bennington image

5 Heavy This is the only Linkin Park song featuring a female artist

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6 Lost in the Echo this is a great song. That's all.

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7 A place for my head if you are angry or in a bad mood listen to this... You will feel better!

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8 Faint

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