Severus Snape (Harry Potter)

Proffesor Snape is first on my list because he left a huge impact on my own personality. I have always been a book lover, and I first started reading Harry Potter books when I was 14 years old.
At first I was most inspired by professor Dumbledore and professor Lupin but when I got to the Deathly Hallows I realised what kind of person professor Snape really was.
Then came the movies,and I complitely fell in love with Alan Rickman and his portrayal of Professor Snape.
Severus Snape taught me to never judge people before I know what is in their heart. He taught me to be brave and to always keep a lot of love in my heart even If I get hurt.

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Eowyn - Lady of Rohan (LOTR)

I have read LOTR a couple months before I was inrtoduced to Harry Potter. These books are the ones that made me love reading so much. The world that Tolkien created is incredible and got me inspired to became a writer myself.
Lady Eowyn was one of few female characters in the books but her strong personality and beliefs are the things I would want to find in myself.
Actually many things are different in the LOTR movies and books but after watching The Return of the King I was complitely mesmorised I had to read the books again. Then I finally realised I would want to be like lady Eowyn.
Lady Eowyn taught me to fight my sadness and pain and to always be true to who I am.She taught me that I can become a strong women if I never go against my heart..

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John Coffey (The Green Mile)

I haven't read the book,but it is on my list. I have watched the movie (The Green Mile) over 10 times and every time I watch it I get the same strong emotions.
John Coffeey played by brilliant Michael Clarke Duncan is one of most inspirational characters to me.I have always aspired to be a good person and to show kindness to everyone.
John Coffey had a terrible destiny to suffer because he was always trying to help everybody and for being able to feel pain of other people. I can relate to him very much.He was tired of this world....
John Coffey taught me that I must expect a lot pain from life but to never stop being a good person. He taught me that I must learn to live in sadness but never regret the choices I made.

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Lord Aragorn (LOTR)

Lord Aragorn was one of the first fictional characters I fell in love with. Courageous, mystgerious, and with strong sence of justice he is one of the characters that will stay with me forever. His love for Arwen reminded me of the love between Romeo and Juliet and shows that his strenght comes from the love in his heart.
In the movies Aragorn was played by amazing Viggo Mortensen and I can say I fell in love with the character even more after watching the movies.
Aragorn taught me to never lose hope,to search for the best in myself,to be brave for the ones I love and to fight for what I beleive in, even if it would cost my life.

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Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

Naruto was the one of the frist anime series I have watched after DBZ and YuGiOh. It has been more than seven years since I started watching it.
At first I was most inspired by Naruto (I still am) but through time Itachi became one of my favourite anime characters. Intelligent, kind, quiet and mysterious, he became my inspiration especially after I found out the full truth about him.
Itachi Uchiha taught me to never seek gratitude or acceptence for anything I do for others. He taught me that sometimes tough choices must be made in life and that it is something I must accept. He taught me that the easier road is not always the right one.

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John Keating (Dead Poets Society)

I always loved Rrobin Williams and he is one of my favourite actors. I fell in love with his acting after watching Mrs Doubtfire, Aladdin and What Dreams May Come. Later on I discovered Dead Poets Society and loved the movie so much I watched it over and over again. The character of John Keating is very inspiring to me and teaches me to stand behind my beliefs,to be different and proud of it and to never give up on my dreams. I have always had respect towards teachers since I had great ones in high school and this character always reminds me on them.

John Keating taught me to always aspire to learn new stuff,to read poetry and to be open minded. He taught me that life is precious and that we must all try to live every moment like it was our last.

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Pocahontas (Disney's Pocahontas)

My childhood role model. I loved her more then any other Disney characters and I still do. As a little girl I was mesmerized by the way she sees the world. She respects Mother Nature, she loves animals and loves humans. She has so much love to give and she has a brave heart. That is everything I wanted to be and nothing has changed until this day.
Pocahontas taught me to always follow my heart,to keep hope hidden inside my soul and to never give up, even if it seems like there is no more light..

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Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek - The Next Generation)

Yeah I am Star Trek fan. I know that is not so cool but I am being honest here. :D I watched that show since I was 14 years old and it stayed with me since then. Patrick Stewart is an terrific actor who immideately made me love captain Jean-Luc Picard .Very intelligent, great leader, peace maker but still being down to earth is just so inspirational. He is never afraid to put his life on the line for anyone who needs help.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard taught me that title and job you do does not make you a better person than others. It is your good heart and kind actions that make you great. And sometimes it is okay to question yourself so you can continue to be the best version of yourself as possible.

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Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

Bleach. Another amazing anime. Manga was even better but I won't discuss the last chapter.. Ichigo Kurosaki is one of anime characters who inspired me the most. He has a strong will,strong sence of justice and an desire to protect (especially those he loves). I don’t have to mention he is a very good looking boy :D
Ichigo taught me that the strongest force on earth is the power of love and if you have enough love inside you nothing is impossible. That force will carry you through anything and when you combine it with confidence you can seem unstoppable.

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Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility)

One of my top favorite love novels. Sense and Sensibility is an incredible literary work written by Jane Austen. I discovered her work at the age of 16 when I saw the 1995 series adaptation of book and after that I watched the movie.
Alan Rickman is just incredible in this piece and he made colonel Brandon grow to my heart. Thoughtful,caring and often very quiet, he seems like a person who can be trusted by everyone. He has great manners and strong sence for art and beauty. I just love his personality so much.

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That is all from me for now. Hope you enjoyed reading. With love,

- Mikaela