Hi my name is Natalya. U probably were wondering what this is going to be about so I am going to tell you. I am just starting junior year at a high school in Massachusetts. I am writhing about this because I have just started and already we are talking about PSAT's. I have not been in school for less then three days. In my opinion schools should not have us start out the year with, Hi and welcome to school. You probably don't want to here this but there is going to be a test in less then a month of you attending school and it might have an affect on where you will go to college or even if you go to college. See I know what I kinda want to do in school but my friends have no idea and for them to here this is describing. we should not be making people feel bad we should be saying, Hay welcome to school we would like to inform you that you will be able to take a practice exam if you want about the SAT's. We will be holding meetings in this room about how to study and what you would need to know based on privies tests that you have had. Thank you for reading all of this and I hope that maybe some day we can have a better system of running tests that will help us with our future.

Sincerely, Natalya Southworth