We try to protect our planet by saving CO2 in the automobile industry, trying to avoid nuclear power or by using renewable energy. But there is another sector, which is a big part of our everyday life.
Our nutrition causes one-third of the european greenhouse gases. So why should you not change something, that would help so much? However changing is hard, in front of all when there is nothing familiar that you can hold on. As the production of meat or animal products in general consume a lot of energy for example for the refrigeration or the storage, but there is also so much more input behind the sausage, that you eat for lunch.
The animal food, especially soya beans are planted in South and Central America. Immense zones of the rain forest are cleared to plant the animal Food which is gonna be exported to Europe.
Through the routes of transport are very long, vehicles emit a lot of greenhouse gases.
Yet this does not mean that we have to avoid the consumption of meat or dairy products. These groceries contain a lot of protein and vitamin. Vitamin B12 is a good example for that. It is also called cobalamin. The deficit of cobalamin can cause brain damage, Addison´s anaemia or it can impair the bone marrow.

Animal products contain Vitamin B12. In front of all meat includes a lot but also cheese, milk, butter or any other animal products can supply your body with this important vitamin.
As you can see there are some limits that you have to consider but as the climate change is still so powerful I think we all should do as much as we can to fight against it. Even if it is just by disclaiming meat once or twice a week. It is just a small change in your everyday life that you can adjust to quickly but if we all do the best we can it might be enough to save the earth.