When I walk down the street I'm afraid to look people straight at their eyes.Thats some off the things that Im afraid of.But today I did it.I looked at least 5 people at their eyes and you know what?I felt great.Why?Because I know that I can do better than this.I have to stop overthinking things and stop being so shy.The eyes are the best tool of communication.My fear didnt let me contract with other people and as I result I was leaving in my own box.Don't let your fears prevent you from doing normal things people do in daily life.
Now let me tell you why I got that fear.
Justifiably they say that eyes are the window to the soul , cause even when a complete stranger looks right into my eyes I feel uncomforatble,I feel that they are trying to see my thoughts ,the inner me.I also fell very anxious,oh that feeling wont go away(especially when I look at my crush??!!).But as the time goes by Im trying to get over these annoying feelings and talk with my eyes.I want to develop this kind of communication really bad,cause I think when i trully let go off these feelings only then i will feel really really free and HAPPY.

Now whats the conclusion?Off course not that you have to look at the people passing by(Imean you could defenitely do that)but whatI wanted to say is that we all have to leave our comfort zone for a while and feel confident about ourselves.And you'll see that step by step.day by day,as long as you are willing to overtake your fears even the smallest ones you will discover yourself and learn things you had to idea wou would be able to do.Go for a walk by yourself,find a bench at a park and read your favourite book at loud,take your bike and find a peacefull place to seat,smile at strangers just to make their day.You never know what battles anyone has to deal.And I promise you If i see you outside I will come and smile at you just to remind you that you are as important as everyone is!

All the love