At first I would like to say that it is just my opinion. I am just a guy who wants to be a film maker, that's a hard dream to reach, but one day I'll get there.

07) Sunset Boulevard (1950)

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Sunset Boulevard has one of the most unique characters of the whole cinema. Norma Desmond kind of look like a caricature, she's so unreal, but at the same time she appears to be more than just a crazy character. What I like the most in this movie is Gloria Swanson's performance. When she starred this movie she wasn't that young, a 50's movie had an old woman in the starring role, everybody knows how Hollywood is mean to old ladies. Try to imagine it in 1950 now.

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08) The Professional (1994)

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Not even my soul is darker than Mathilda (interpreted for Natalie Portman). She's an sociopath child who had her whole family killed by corrupt cops (it's not spoiler. Calm down). The way this piece of art make you get into the story is fantastic.

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09) Pulp Fiction (1992)

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Quentin Tarantino is known for his violent movies and the wonderful dialogues that he creates. Pulp Fiction has all the things that made Quentin the notorious man he is today. Of course this is one of the best Tarantino films.

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