@TypicalGirl48 has set up a 30 day challenge where you have to answer one question each day for 30 days to let your followers know a bit more about yourself. I will try to post one article every day but maybe I will have to skip a few days due to school stress. You can find the original challenge here:
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Day three

Describe your relationship with your parents.

I will describe what my overall relationship with both is and then evaluate my relationship with my mom and my dad seperately.

They are the parents of four children the age 9-15 and I personally think they are doing a really really good job, compared to parents of friends of mine. They are always there for me, but I don't talk to them about doing illegal stuff (I hope they don't read this, lately my account has been way too easily to find, in case you read this, hi, can we have pizza for dinner tomorrow please? <3) or my feelings if I'm having a bad day/week/month.

My mom
My mom is the best woman on this earth, honestly. A few of my friends do not have a strong or really positive relationship to their mom and I have to say that my mom doesn't have "best-friend" status or anything like that but she unconditionally loves me and she is such a strong, lovely, clever, funny woman. I have a lot of my characteristics from her and I can learn a lot from her. We can disuss issues in a diplomatic way and still dance and sing along to the guitar solo of Bohemian Rhapsody ten minutes later like we're thirteen year old girls on a sleepover party. I love her and I am so grateful that she is my mom and I will forever be there for her.

My dad
My dad is such a strong, intelligent, charistmatic man and I learned a lot from him in my earlier childhood (especially age 3-10). As a kid, I was very curious and eager to learn, so instead of reading good night stories to me we would lay in my bed together and he would explain me things I wanted to know (my favorite topic was how microwaves work and what negative numbers are). I also didn't need much sleep compared to other kids age 4-7 so we would stay up late playing board games in my room because I wouldn't get tired easily. In the last years, we kind of grew apart but over the last months I kind of reestablished the connection between us and I show him that I love him more often now than I did when I was 11-14. I'm very glad that he is my dad because I can learn a lot from him and even though he might not seem like the perfect dad to others sometimes because he works so much I can grow from him and learn from him and to me he is wonderful how he his and I could not want any other man than him as my father.

In comparison to other people my age and social surroundings I feel like I have a rather strong relationship to my parents and I really appreciate that. If you read this and have the wish to reconnect with your parents because you grew apart from them like I did with my dad, don't be afraid to go for it! Sometimes parents aren't great role models and can be toxic for you with their beliefs and dreams of what they want their child to be like but if you want to have a better relationship to them just show them that you love them sometimes and it will change a lot. Small gestures can make a big impact.

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