We all have something we really like and today I will tell you about my favorite Disney heroines.
My first favorite heroine is Princess Cinderella.Why her?Cinderella was love at first sight since I was 4 years old.I like the story I like glass slippers I like the pumpkin but I like the most I find myself perfectly in her.Everybody says that I look perfect like Cinderella and that makes me happy because I always wanted to be Cinderella.People says my highest quality is my goodness and kindness and where is goodness is kindness and where is kindness is magic.Dad says I have more kindness in my little finger than some people have in all their bodies.I like to be good even with those who do not deserve it because that's how it must be a real Princess.At the prom night I chose a dress like Cinderella's with white gloves and obviously my Princess crown.I really felt like Cinderella, everybody said I looked exactly like her, like the most gentle and good Princess.Two years ago I was dressed in the Cinderella's dress to make a surprise to the children with disabilities and when I walked through the door, all the kids said "it's Cinderella".Gladly, one by one came to embrace me and take a picture with me, their joy was invaluable.And so I was Cinderella all my life in everyone's eyes.And one day my Prince will find my glass slipper.
My second favorite heroine is Gypsy Esmeralda.I really like her style, her way of being,she has that kindness I find in myself and at Cinderella.I like her courage, and I'm courageous and always ready to risk everything.Her green eyes look like emeralds, where the name comes from too.She's special and always in my heart because She's like me.

My third favorite heroine is Princess Sofia the First.Like Cinderella and Esmeralda, Sofia has the goodness that I feel like finding me in Sofia.Sofia is a Princess who learns her duties like me.I think she likes purple because everything is purple to her, something that's like me because I love pink and purple.Sofia has countless adventures, I like adventures,she has a horse, I love horses (especially black ones).Everybody says Sofia is nice like me.
My fourth favorite heroine is Princess Elena of Avalor.I really like Elena because, like my other 3 favorites, she is just like me.She's brave like me, she knows how to ride like me and always dares to risk everything like me.But most of all I like that she's just like me in the sense that she like traditions very much.She has the tradition Dia de los muertos, the day of the dead which is my favorite day, my favorite holiday.
These are the 4 Disney heroines that I love, for each of them I have dolls, and different collections.
You can tell me what's your favorite heroine or heroines is and why
XOXO with love, Princess Dilara!