So when was the first time, you were afraid of something?

Probably when you were younger. Did you thought there were monsters under your bed? Yes?

Your parents calmed you down and told you that there are no monsters. You needes some time, but someday you weren't afraid anymore..

You grew older and the fears startet to became more real. No fear from monsters but fear from your first kiss.

Your friends told you not to be. "Try it and don't be afraid", they told you. It needed some time, but you did it and now you like it.

Maybe your first kisser was not automatically your first love. But don't worry, this fear is the next one.
The fear of telling your crush, that you are in love with him/her and the fear that he or she doesn't feel the same for you.

Your friend, your bad bad friend went to him/her and told him/her. And his or her also bad friend did that too. And so you both fell in love and your fear of not being loved was gone.

Next fear.

The first time is a beautiful thing, but before it happens your fear is literally killing you.

What if he/she breaks up with me? What if somebody finds out about that? What if I get pregnant or what if I become a dad?

After talking to your girlfriend or boyfriend, most things have been clarified. You guys will never break up. Nobody will find it out, because it's a big secret and you will use condoms. The fear is almost gone..

Time flew by and you found out that he/she wasn't the right for you. First you were afraid of loosing him/her but than it became easier. In that time you lost many of your friends, but you met new people, new friends and new loves.

This fear stays even if you know, that you can make it.

You're an adult now. New fears. The fear of being a single forever and never be a mom or dad.

Or you already are a mom or a dad and now you're afraid of never reaching your goals or never being able to have a carefree life.

Or you're afraid to quit your job, which makes you unhappy.

As you can see there was always a solution as a child/teenager for every fear. So what do you think will happen? Did fear ever killed you? No, it helped you to try something.

Don't give up on yourself! Love yourself! AND never be afraid of trying something.

If you fought against your fears as a child then you can fight now too!