Sometimes you feel just as you were invisible. Not because no one hear you, or talk to you, because you are completely surrounded by people. You feel invisibile because few can really understand what are your really intentions, your feelings, your keeping on trying.
Sometimes you feel kinda betrayed because you put all yourself into something and you fail, then you get up and you fail again, and this circle keeps on and on and on without a end.
Yo think you are alone. You think you have touched the bottom of the misery you could ever imagine it could exist. You feel like drowning in a sea you chose to jump into.
But thi isn't real.
I passed days crying alone, trying to help people and destroying myself piece by piece doing it and I wasn't understanding what is really important to me. I don't say that what I was doing was totally wrong, just the way I was doing it was wrong. Why? Beacuse before I was thinking I was subordinate to others, now I think we all are equals. So, first point found, I had to move on and find a solution and... I got it! I had to talk, I had to say "I don't like this, I need help" and that was hard, very hard 'cause I had to admit I wasn't made of stone, but I was a teenager and as so I had problems and doubts and fears.
Now, I don't say I'm a "complete person" 'cause I'm still growing up and evolving, but I can say I learnt to speak and ask for help. It really changed my mind and my way of living. (It doesn't do miracles, obviously, but sometimes talking helps you find solutions you weren't thinking of).
Sorry for bothering everyone is reading this sad articles, but I had to say this to someone.
P.S. sorry for every grammar error, English isn't my first language ahah