Good afternoon people! I hope you´re having an amazing day! And if not, always remember it´s a bad day, not a bad life.

Since I started making articles I wanted to recommend some very talented Youtubers that I like to see. All of them make English videos (of course) and they make varied content.


Kalyn Nicholson

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She makes lifestyle videos (adulting, cooking, advice). She also vlogs sometimes.

My favorite video is How to gain self esteem

Alisha Marie

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She makes lifestyle videos (relatable situations), comedy videos, testing videos and hacks. She also has a vlog channel.

My favorite video is Weird Food Combinations People LOVE

Adelaine Morin

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She´s a lifestyle vlogger that mainly supports empowerment. She also has another channel (she makes makeup videos).

My favorite video (vlog) is Shopping in Mykonos, Greece

Jessie Paege

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She makes teenager videos (music recommendations, school advice and comedy videos).

My favorite video is Favorite Songs YOU NEED in Summer 2017

Ashley Nicole

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She makes life hacks videos, DIYs, advice and tutorials.

My favorite video is How to achieve your resolutions


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She makes lifestyle videos (advice, positivity, cooking videos, adulting).
My favorite video is Your are enough: Self Worth & Comparison Traps

Sara Beauty Corner

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She makes really good DIY videos.

My favorite video is DIY Night Routine Life Hacks!

I also recommend:
NIki & Gabi (Youtubers and vloggers)
Cloe Couture (Youtuber and vlogger)
LaurDIY (Youtuber and vlogger)
Miss Remi Ashten (Youtuber and vlogger)
Aspyn Ovard (YouTube and vlogger)
Clarissa May (Vlogger)

Hope you find some coincidence or some new Youtubers to watch!

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