In the early days, a trip to the barbershop was very common with both men and boys going once a week. As times changed these shops have been replaced with discount haircut shops or expensive salons, but the great news is that barbershops are making a comeback!

How to find a good barber shop?

  • Ask family and friends for recommendations
  • Take a look online and read previous customer reviews
  • Use the barbershop locator database for daily updates
  • Go into the shop and check out the cleanliness, the barber himself, and the questions he asks his clients
  • See if you can interview the barber to find out his experience and background

Going to a barber shop for the first time

Tips for your first visit include:

  • Booking an early appointment – the later in the day you go the more tired your barber will be! A cut early in the day will ensure a fresh and focused approach
  • Being on time – when you make an appointment be sure to keep it as if you’re just a few minutes late it’ll have a dramatic effect on your barber’s schedule for the rest of the day
  • Be patient – if an earlier appointment has turned up late you’ll be the one waiting, so schedule in extra time just in case
  • Washing before you go – this includes your body as well as your hair as in the salon you’ll be sitting close to other customers for at least 15 minutes!
  • Go hatless – flattened hair can affect how the hair lies on the head and can make cutting more difficult
  • Say what you want – take in a photo if it helps as the more specific you can be about your style the greater help you’ll get
  • Be pleasant – treat your professional barber with respect and courtesy just as you would any other service provider, and you’ll get the same in return
  • Tip respectably – 25% is the norm, but you can adjust this to take into account the time it takes for your cut, the cleanliness of the work area, the attention to your needs, and if your barber takes a call whilst cutting your hair!

If you become good friends with your barber and have a great relationship it’s worth considering buying a small gift annually as this shows you really appreciate the service. This also acts as a long term insurance for getting an appointment when you want it and ensures you get premium service every time.

Bespoke salon services

A reputable salon will provide you with an expert consultation process so that you can discuss all your wants and concerns with a professional. Trained and experienced hair stylists will happily cover all aspects of contemporary and classic barbering for men, and you’ll get an affordable finished look that’s just perfect for you!

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