Well, hello to you all! New post, finally... yup.

I was watching some photos on Pinterest and I found this quote few hours ago. It says:

"The only One who can truly satisfy human heart is the One who made it."

Were you ever satisfied?
Have you ever felt it?

I don't mean at the kind of satisfaction when you get a new dress, a new pair of shoes, because I felt that kind of satisfaction too. It lasts one day and then it's gone?! Which is very sad, because first of all I wanted that dress for a good 3 months, and I was so into it until I realize that it's just a dress, a fabric that stole that peace from my heart for like three months so that I could get one day of satisfaction. Funny, right... but more like sad.

I always long to something, and that longing was never ever filled with clothes, food, drinks... It wasn't filled up even when I've met cute boys... What?!

I always wanted to know why I am not satisfied in entirety, why my heart wants something that it's higher than my mind can think of. I struggled for a long time until I realize that all my heart wanted was love. Pure love. God's love. The problem was that I didn't open my heart to God's love, to His grace. And that was a bit problematic for a long until I finally rejected everything I ever thought of. When you reject everything everyone has ever told you and when you decide to start meeting God from the beginning, you let God to fill you. God is so big, He is huge and as I mentioned in a previous post that He is so big you can search Him your whole life (St. Teresa of Avila), He is new everyday. He loves you so much. He can and He wants to surprise you every day, you have to open your heart.

Trust me, that is pure satisfaction. Letting God work in your life and trusting Him in everything. Now when I've let Him in my life, in my heart, He does miracles. I can know His love everyday. Why I said I can KNOW His love instead of FEEL? Because I can't feel happy every day, I am sad sometimes, sometimes I am angry, sometimes I am tired and that's why I can't always trust my feelings, I need to have faith. Faith is the key!

So get up there, pray, and turn to your Father. He will satisfy you in the way only He can.

God bless!