Set in the absolutely beautiful Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, this high tea experience was positively lovely. In the heart of the sprawling gardens sits a quaint, intimate tea room. It is the perfect break from walking the expansive complex. The tea selections are often from the gardens themselves and the delicious accompanying snacks pair wonderfully with the entire experience.

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Am I interested in sandwiches cut into perfect triangles and cute single mouth full pastries?! Most definitely! I can't turn down tiny finger foods. I love a good tea party. If you are like me and can't turn down a personal carb + sweet treat mini buffet, then this is the perfect afternoon activity for you.

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In order to dine here, you do have to pay the entry fee into the complex. And, while a reservation isn't required, it is highly recommended as space is limited. I had a reservation in place and after waiting a short time, I was seated and ready to embark on this gastro journey. After a morning of walking around, it was fun to just sit back, discuss everything I had seen, enjoy delicious and fragrant teas, and dine on scrumptious finger foods.

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If you are looking for a cute girlfriend hang out spot or a unique dating experience, this is a great option. Again, you have access to the entire complex so make a day of it and walk the rose gardens, the Chinese and Japanese pavilions, and the Australian desert succulents before winding down the day with a cup of tea!

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