I can feel autumn coming. The weather changes, it starts to be cold and rainy. The leaves are changing and I start falling in love with nature again. At this point I am sitting on my desk with some candles that smells amazing and let's not forget the fluffy socks that I am wearing.

Right now there is a lot going through my mind. Do you know that feeling that you look so happy. Like everyone around you thinks you are the happiest person on earth, you always smile and have fun but deep inside you feel lonely and empty.

This year I started a new school. My best friend didn't make it so I feel very lonely. I have people around me and they for sure like me but it doesn't feel the same. They are here for me now but will they also be by my side when I am scared, lost or afraid? It's not easy to find friends like that. A friend that knows you so well.

I am someone that connects with people... maybe a little to much. I don't like letting people go but to others it looks so easy. When you see that person you could have a laugh or a chat with, making new friends and forgetting you, hurts.

Like I said maybe it is my fault. Maybe I stick to much to a person but it's so weird to me if you can let people go that easily. Life is just so hard. You have to stay strong and not lose youself and I won't. I am still gonna be that happy girl. Let people know me for that. I will have my own hurricane inside me. No one has to know...