• 1. I have a big heart
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  • 2. I love brownies and cookies.
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  • 3. I'm the oldest in my family, I have one brother and one sister.
  • 4. I hate acrylic nails, I only like gel.
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  • 5. I love poetry.
  • 6. I love sushi My favorite roll is the spicy dynamite roll.
  • 7. I loved Jim Carrey growing up. He was so funny.
  • 8. I don't wanna get older, I feel so old now lol.
  • 9. I love makeup even if I don't know how to do it like beauty guru's
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  • 10. I love poems that rhyme and are cute + simple.
  • 11. I'm dramatic and silly.
  • 12. I like theatre.
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  • 13. I never been in a relationship well I did but eh
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  • 14. I like the 80s era when black women rocked fros.
  • 15. I'm an Aquarius
  • 16. My rising sign is Sagittarus
  • 17. I want to have a lot of kids.
  • 18. I have social anxiety but I still have big dreams. + I'm overcoming it.*
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  • 19. My ethinicity is West Indian.
  • 20. I think everyone should make life how they like, and love.
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