This is my first articles and I'd like you to tell something about me and my interests/passions.
Hello, Hearts.

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My name's Daisy, I'm a 21 Italian girl and Daisy is just my fave translation of my name, the other ones are Margareth or Maggie or Margot (in French).
It's my fave cuz I think it has a sweet sound and also it helps you to understand my name's meaning in Italian.

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This flower is called Margherita in Italian and that's my name but I think it's too difficult to pronounce it so you can call me simply Daisy (don't worry, my name's is really difficult...Even italian children mistake it).
So now let's talk about my life.
I go to University and I study Economy. I really like it.
I play taekwondo. It's an olympic martial art which is a little similar to karate. I love football too and my team is Juventus (I don't know if you know it...). I can say I love football a little more than taekwondo just because I grew up watching football matches with my dad.

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Here we are! This is Juventus's logo. Our colors are black and white, like you can see, and so we are called Juventini (Juventus's supporter) or just Bianconeri (because of the colours. In fact, "bianco" is "white" and "nero" is "black". Just a little italian lesson).
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He is my fave Juventus palyer. His name is Alessandro Del Piero and he played with that colours for 19 years. He won everything with Juventus of which he has been a fan since he was a child. I MISS HIM SOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUCH. He was and is one of the best player, example and human being in the world. I love him so much.

My second team is Real Madrid. I told you I'm a big football fan lol.
I love reading. I love yellow books, fantasy and romance.
I love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I think Sherlock Holmes is a masterpiece.
I love drawing too specially anime. My fave anime are Naruto and Detective Conan.
I love travelling and taking photo. I love photography and I think it's a different form of art.
I love art, specially classic art, and I can describe myself as aesthetic.
I love listening to music in the night when the silence is the absolute King.
I'm a TV series addicted and now I'm watching Supernatural (I'M AT SEASON 8 AND THEY WILL START SEASON 13 SOON AND I WANNA DIEEEEEEE).
Now I don't know what to say and I hope to write you soon.

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