Depression isn't beautiful. It doesn't mean being sad all the time, sitting next to the window and watching the rain while listening to slow songs.
It means being in a fight with your own mind every single second of the day. It means graving a break from life, just to breath and feel alive again. Pretty dark, isn't it?
Imagine depression goes hand in hand with social anxiety, trust issues and insomnia.
You push people away and are unable to be around them for a longer time. You desperately grave your space and loneliness but at some point you want somebody to be there.
Somebody who understands you.
But you can't just go to people and tell them what's deep hidden in your mind.
And even if you talk about your feelings you keep inside, it doesn't change the way how you suffer of the voices inside your head, telling you're not being good enough for anyone.
At the end you start to isolate yourself again even if you don't want to.
You turn cold and numb to save your innocent soul.

The worst part begins in the night, when you lay awake in the dark and you can't stop thinking and all you want is to fall asleep before you fall apart.
I won't lie to you. It's hard and it's shit.
And if you expect that I know a way out of it, you're wrong.
I'm one of the creatures who fight everyday. But you know what?
I'm still here and I might be lonely and everything but I'm still here.
And that's why I'm proud of myself.
So should you