Sugar Effect: very winter nail art when made in white powder version. The result is fine and elegant. After passing the color and the top sealant without dispersion, always draw with the sealant without dispersion, whatever you want to play on the nail. I always recommend a simple design to prevent some lines from confusing. Before drying-catalyzing, it takes a very fine powder, used precisely for this effect or even pigment, and pours over the drawing without paying too much attention. It is drying-catalyzed and after brushing the dust; The design will remain slightly with the glitter-padded glitter that will give the feel of sugar granules to the touch. Simple nail art decorations will be fashionable this year, we are sure. There is no need to do very complex things to have nail care.
And for those who love simplicity and sobriety, I have a good news! Even this winter the trend is NUDE EFFECT. Meat and neutral colors will make your hands cured and stylish, simple. Apply this color on your nails and do not add more, you will always be at the top!
And I could not create and reproduce these two trends together
Good manicure 2017!