Starting to do a new thing can be hard and sometimes you feel like you might be doing it completely wrong. But in the cases of most art forms, there's not really many ways you can go wrong.

So if you're starting to do photography for the first time, or you want to try it, here are some tips from a person who's been in your place.

One: However you're doing it, its not wrong.
-Everyone has different aesthetics, of what they like to photograph, and what they use, and what they do with their photos. So whether you like to do black and white photos, or only do landscapes, or whether you just use and I phone instead of an actual camera; It's all up to you

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Two: you don't always need to go to some special place to get good pictures, unless you want to duh.
-Even if you're just in your backyard, or walking down your street, there are always so many things to capture. You can use so many things as your muse; architecture, nature, people, skylights, anything. One thing I learned as an artist/photographer, is that the whole world has a certain beauty to it, you just have to know HOW to look, not where.

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Three: do whatever you want, change it up, or keep it the same.
-You'll eventually realize that once you start taking photos and you get in the rhythm of it, it's not all as hard as you might have thought. But sometimes even doing what you've been doing can get old or boring. So feel free to switch it up, and find inspiration in new places or ask others questions. There are tons of resources to help you find new ideas; other artists, Instagram, whi, etc.

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Four: Don't try to be anyone else but you.
-It doesn't matter if your pictures aren't aesthetic, or if other people don't like them. Your photography, is based on what you like, (unless you're doing it for a class or a project, but you still usually get enough freedom there). So don't change what you don't want to, show yourself through your photography.

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It's all about your message.
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