Social media in general is a trap for a lot of us. Do you know that struggle when you want to sleep at night but you can't get off instagram? that's what im saying, a trap.

But let's talk about "beauty codes" on insta. You'd be lying if you say you never compared yourself TO WHAT THEY WANT TO SHOW US.
These pretty girls with perfect haire and contagious smiles, and boys with visible abs and "perfect jawlines". If you ever wonder why you can't be like them, it's simply beaucause these people only success by their look, and where do look is important? on social medias.

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(i love Jordyn and Kylie, but that one is so funny and REAL)

Little story. Still last year, i was stressed out to post a picture beaucause i was scared what would be my number of likes. That's stupid right?..even pathetic when i think about it.
But today i finally figured out that it doesn't matter the number of likes, all that matters is : do you like that photo? do you find yourself pretty on it? are you proud of that one? Alright.

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your 30 likes pic is not less than their 1,000 likes ;)

You know, how Insta can destroys you a night and light your day by a pic or a vid the tomorrow. So try to take some breaks with it, log out for few days won't be bad for you. Believe me, you'll live and see things in a different way.

This article was short, i said what i wanted to say so to end, i'm just going to drop that quote down here. I hope you enjoyed, take care of yourself, xo.

"What you like, don't defines what you want!
what you post, don't defines who you are!
Likes don't defines your worth and value"

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(If you need to talk about anything, message me, i love talking with people. I don't know you and i won't judge you :D)