I know sometimes life can be hard, so hard that you can barely breath. I know we live in a world full of hate, so much hate that you start thinking that people forgot how to love. I know that there are days, weeks or even months where everything falls apart and you can see the pieces of your heart on the floor. I know it.

But believe me when I say that everything is going to be fine, you're going to smile again and feel alive. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday, somehow you're going to feel so powerful, so beautiful, so happy that you'll forget about all the pain.

Never stop. Try, fight, smile, fall and get up again, never stop believing and dreaming; you're worth, you're strong, you're beautiful in your own special way and no one can tell you otherwise. Every day we have to face people, situations, problems that bring us down, but we all have the power to face everything. Never stop fighting.

Be you. Be beautiful. Be kind. Be happy.