“Top of a Morning to you” Edith said smiling
“Hallo! What did you yesterday?” Said Josephine with sparkle in her eyes,
“After texting you.. well Had dinner Josephine interrupts “cereal”
Edith laughs.. “Then slept wrapped in my burrito of warm decaf coffee and favorite book”
Josephine looks over at Edith and notices her perfectly messy bun and smudged full frame brown glasses “You always make me smile!”
Edith giving a serious foolish smile “I know!”

These 2 girls are really nothing special, apart from Josephine’s well thought attacks, they have what some may call the nerd cell, the idea of a rather nicer world, not necessarily perfect or extra ordinary. However they have the perfect friendship that is beyond words sometimes. Edith is a stubborn girl, who doesn’t care for people, any social gathering, or selfies. Josephine has the mouth of her own it could start on a new life and would be very successful too.

On a frosty morning the two met, drinking their coffee and preheated cheese sandwiches. Winter clothes gets in the way of their chewing. Their was no words spoken, as they are too indulged in the moment, Edith would dive into her indie music and think of her crush and maybe just maybe he would say Hi today, Oh and also catching up on that new Tv series, and her readings, that project that she talked about with Josephine, Wait what was that? A bird, no Wow a plastic bag, it is very windy today, I love windy days makes my head feel lighter, nonetheless still thinking ad thinking and thinking….

Josephine on the other hand, If its a crime than I’m guilty, guilty of loving youuuuu!

Th story goes on.. until then!