This generation of teenagers is full of wrongs. It's all about having a big butt, or big boobs. Social media is sending out an image that all females should "have a big butt, a tiny waist, and big boobs" to be perfect.

Not only that, it's all about having the designer clothes these days. FILA is a brand that is now popular that kids use to wear and get made fun of. So is Champion.
Nobody can be themselves these days.

Thinking its cool to act up in school. People can have their bad days, yeah. But in general, making a fool of yourself and being a distraction to other students thinking that it's "cool" or "being funny" is really just embarrassing yourself. Being loud and disrespectful, is NOT cute. Cursing out innocent teachers is NOT cute. Failing, is NOT cute.

All about fighting. I'm tired of seeing fights all over social media talking about how a female or a male got "beat up." No one's business should be all over the internet so the world can see it. What if one of those people in those fights start having depression because them being attacked is all over social media?

It really depends on the situation though.

Having an expensive phone. Not all people have jobs. Not all people's parents buy them stuff. Not all people can afford the new IPhone 7 or 8. Some people don't even want a iPhone. Some people like Samsungs or Androids over IPhone.

Having sex at a young age. Of course a virginity of someone is their choice to lose it or not. But in this generation girl's virginities are being lost at 12, 13, 14.
Your virginity is a flower. You shouldn't want to damage that flower. You want to take care of that flower. Your body is a temple. Not everyone should be in it.

Doing drugs, smoking weed, again because its cool. I'm tired that everyone in my school that smokes weed does it to be cool or whatever. To show off. And people who take xans and xanex or however its spelled. Just because that's what rappers are rapping about these days.

And don't even get me started about relationships! Most relationships are jokes this generation. If you are reading this and you are in a relationship and it is something real do not let go of that relationship. People cheat, people are childish they rather talk to multiple people then staying loyal to one person! But that's a whole different article to talk about.

Just a little rant