Your journaling can be recreational and totally useful at the same time. One way you can make it easy to go back to is by keeping track of things that are going on it your life by making charts & lists and stuff.
Here are some things you can list, and how you can arrange them..

-birthdays, your friends birthdays, gift lists, etc
-wish lists,
-bucket list, whatever you wanted to do

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-new encounters, people you just met, trying to remember names & faces
-periods, if you're the type of girl who likes to keep track of 'em
-your location, your favorite places to go, places you miss, etc
-shops and places you like or want to go to,

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-moods, how you feel and all
-inspirations, things that make you feel emotional and/or want to be creative
-shows, -movies, -books,

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-your health, water intake, sleep cycle,
-favorite things,
-bad/good habits,
-fav songs

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