Could be a bitch sometimes no matter how happy you are in the end.
It is going to strike with electric shocks and make you see the ugliest stage of life. I believe that Life will do whatever it takes for it to make you strong. But indeed it is very to accept a fact that everything is going to be fine. Because at that point of time, you are stuck, you have fallen down, you are haunted, and all you want is the time to pass away and to see the world as a beautiful place again. But eventually it takes time, I have been telling this to myself, but it's hard, and it will be. And all I I have got to do is have faith, and be patient.

Because everything happens for a reason and remember the reason is always for the benefit for us. We are the creation of All mighty, he loves us, and he will never let us down, he will never want to see us cry or be sad. He is making us strong for the thunderous future, he knows days could hard in the coming times.

So let us, join hands together, and thank him for everything he has granted us and let us all have faith and be patient because miracles do happen.

How does it feel when all you are overthinking your thinking?
You don't trust anyone enough to share your emotions?
It's so scary when someone knows anything about you in deep? Like all your actions and words are so transparent, that they understand every thing.

I am a person who understands my family, or the people I love and care about. But the problem is that I don't want to. I want to believe whatever act they are trying to pull up, believe in everything that they say.


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