Jesus, it's been such a long time since I haven't been active in here! I don't even know if many of you will remember me, but I used to be on WeHeartIt all day long a couple of years ago, which resulted on my almost 130k hearts!

I've talked to some of my followers before, but with this new article thing, why not share a bit of myself? Or maybe make it a bit of a journal thing? Here we go with my introduction:

First of all, I always go by Vamp. I'm a Brazilian Law student, about to turn 20 (damn, I remember being on WHI when I was 14!), I enjoy wrestling, reading about true crime, and I've been Straight Edge for almost six years and I'm also a writer.

You guys probably know a lot more about me than my friends, seeing everything that I share/shared on this account. You know me from my 'morning star collection', know the things I like, my favorite bands, celebrity crushes, a few movies that I enjoy, things I want, things I've done, know about 'jn' and how he managed to make me build a collection with almost 5k hearts just for him... Well, you know pretty much a bunch of random little pieces of me.

I'm not entirely sure what else to say in here, other than I'm really happy that y'all stuck with me for all these years and are still here even if I'm hella inactive. With this thing I guess I want to try and be here more often, share more stuff about myself. A journal was the only thing I was needing in this space to make it more 'me', haha. Let's see how this journey goes :)

- vamp; sep 12, 2017.