It is September 12 which means it is my birthday!

It's my birthday today, the day I found out who were my real friends based on who remembered. I don't usually celebrate it because I don't really care it. Just like how the other treat my birthday like any other day, I do the same. I wish someone could do a surprise party, give me a gift or just care, but no one likes me enough to do that, my own parents don't remember my birthday. I just keep growing older, I'm 15 but all I see is that I'm a year closer to my death, even on my birthday I'm sad, I cry. But it's normal, I treat my birthday just like any other day, so I do my normal routine, the only thing I get excited about is having a birthday wish, I may have no cake or a candle to blow on, I still like to think that I still have the right to make a birthday wish. It's been years I've been wishing for a happy life, but that wish isn't going to come true, or maybe it was too much to ask for, who knows. This year I wish for something smaller and different, I won't say what it is because it might not come true, after all, I'm turning 15, yay I guess. Happy birthday to me.