Hi hearters!
I'm an italian girl, and I think it's a common thought that italian school is not easy. So, here I am! I'm starting school on the 15th of this month and I would like to tell you something about how I deal with school, probably to convince myself too to start this year in a positive way.

a. Why do we have to study?

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Ah, nice question. But I have an answer, and it's hidden under my purposes for the future.
Sometimes I want to give up, I admit it! It's not easy when you have to learn 250 old greek paradigms, when you have to translate from latin to italian or when a maths matrix seems too difficult, but I keep going because I know I'll receive a prize because of this work. This prize are my dreams.

b. How do we have to study?

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Everybody has a method, but I learnt that the most useful way is to study comfortably. To buy nice school stuffs, new clothes to wear at school, decorate your own copybooks and schoolbag is a very good way to make school funner and less boring, for example.
But then, remember that work is the key: while studying you could prepare tasty food to snack or an episode of your favourite TV series to watch at the end of the afternoon.
You also could go out for a walk after three/four hours. Your mind must stay clear.

c. Where and when do we have to study?

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Where? No poems, just four words: in your happy place.
When? As soon as you can, babe!

Hope it was useful. And now, of course, I have to study:)