I apologize.
For every tear you silently had to shed. Crying over the beauty that we don't love the way we should.

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I am sorry that we are denying the pain we are constantly putting you through.
I am sorry that we are denying what is happening to what was given to us as a gift.

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,,We are living on the planet as if we have another one to go to."

I am sorry that we're not thinking about tomorrow. I am sorry that we aren't thankful for the simple beauty you gave us.

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like rain. like trees. like flowers. like animals. like air. like water. like gras. like snow. like mountains. like oceans. like the ground.

And what are we doing?
We are not thankful.
We are not satisfied.
No, we want more.
But you can't give us more.
You gave us all you had.
Just to be destroyed by your guests...

But I will promise to fight.
Because there are still some of us that believe in you.
That realize we have to do something.

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