These are healthy and natural ways to look your best and feel happier. :) Enjoy


For all around good skin I suggest a Green Tea bath. It makes your skin softer and is very relaxing and can help you de-stress.
Another tip is that before you apply a face mask steam your face with hot shower/bath to open pores.
For acne the best thing to use would be a face scrub with grapefruit. This unclogs pores and helps reduce bumps, BUT do not use it to much of it will dry your skin if you have sensitive skin use it every other day with light lotion after, and stop when you see results.

Here are some cool hacks to get white teeth with items you have at home.
Banana peels- Take a banana peel and rub on teeth for 10 minutes. This helps clean the enamel on your teeth.
Strawberries- Mash strawberries and mix it with baking soda, and put it on your toothbrush to remove stains.


Organic products are a great way to grow an have shiny hair. Products include:
Coconut Oil
Euro organic oil

The best exercise's are fun and makes you want to do it again.
Dance exercise's are my favorite they get you moving and you'll learn a new dance at the same time.
A youtuber named Mandy Jiroux has dance, cardio, and workout videos in different ways if you need enspiration.
To get fit drinking water with electrolytes is best. Drinks like powerade have to much sugar. Also it's great if you workout and/or dance at least three times a week and walk whenever you can.

I hope you liked and leave feedback :)